Animesh is a self-taught Illustrator and graphic artist based in India. From a young age, he has been into traditional sketching. He kept refining his sketching abilities every once in a while. With a decent inclination towards tech as well, he holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering.


Before becoming a full-time artist, Animesh used to work as a Software Developer for Amazon. At Amazon, he used to do the office chores by day and kept on learning digital designing tools by night. Sooner, he became confident in tools like procreate, sketch, etc. which made him grab a couple of freelance graphic designing projects and made him more clearer around what he wanted from his life. ​


Earlier in 2020, he gave up his job to change the track of his life and bring his love towards Graphic Designing to the foreground. ​


Animesh now works as a freelance Graphic Artist.